Psychotherapist with over 7 years of experience
I am Dr. Kate O'Connell, and I specialise in human emotional disorders. In my practice, I use analytical psychotherapy and the Shadow Work method.
  • Education
    • I graduated from the Irish State Medical University
    • I had additional training at the Dublin Institute of Psychotherapy
  • Diplomas
    • Psychotherapist Diploma from the Central Institute of Advanced Medical Studies
    • Master Practitioner Diploma from the World Union of Psychotherapists
  • Experience
    • I was working as a psychiatrist at the Dublin Institute of Psychotherapy for 5 years
    • I have 7 years of practice in private consultations
  • Publications
    I have published more than a dozen books, articles, and manuals on psychotherapy and personality disorders
What problems do I solve
Services and prices
Free consultation
£ 0
During a free consultation, the doctor will help you determine the causes of the disease and schedule a treatment plan.
First appointment
£ 700
First appointment involves getting to know the doctor and searching for the causes of the disorders, as well as determining the vector of further sessions.
Second appointment
£ 650
In-depth study of the disorder causes and exploration of the treatment options.
Short consultation
A short consultation will help you understand what exactly causes negative and painful sensations feelings.
Extended consultation
£ 750
During the extended consultation, you can discuss with the doctor all aspects that disturb you and prevent you from living fully.
Family consultation
£ 1000
Family consultation will help you and your partner to find the causes of the conflict. The doctor will listen to you and explain what you need to pay attention to in order to live without conflicts.
The most complex symptoms of neurosis and what they are related to
How to understand your partner and not become a victim
Why calmness is always better than anger
Practical tips on how to behave during an argument
The reasons for men's actions and what motivates them
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